what is asthma – Symptoms and Treatments

By | January 30, 2015

Asthma is a protracted respire ailment that exacerbates and constricts the nostrils. Common symptoms of asthma are wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. Usually the patients badly cough in morning or during mid night sessions. Everyone can fall prey to asthma but children are an easy target of this chronic disease. According to statistical figures, about twenty five million of United States residents have asthma. A big proportion of these patients is children as seven million are aged below eighteen. What is asthma and what are the symptoms of asthma are presented in this post.

what is asthma – Symptoms and Treatments:

If you wish to understand the foundations of asthma or what is asthma then you should first understand the working of respiration system and the function of airways. The airways or nostrils work like a gateway for the air to reach your lungs. Here, airways are referred to the tubes that are responsible for carrying fresh air to your lungs. But the affected patients or the people who have been diagnosed with asthma have reddened and swollen airways. The sensitivity of airways increase and it becomes difficult for the patient to inhale fresh air easily. So, the airways contract and the person feels extreme pain when the swollen airways strongly react to the some inhaled substances.

During such severe reaction, the muscles constrict and the patient suffers with extreme cough. This redness and constriction becomes a hurdle for necessary oxygen pass to the lungs. The bulge too can deteriorate, making the air tubes contracted. The airways cells may create increased quantity of mucus as compared to normal routine. Mucus is a thick and sticky liquid that can augment irritation as it blocks the airways due to thickness. Finally, the patient suffers with extreme cough and pain in chest. It is one of the basic symptoms of asthma.

The asthma symptoms are either mild or extreme. You may just need a glass of water to feel relax but sometimes, medicines cannot even help you feel good. In other words, in some occasions; it is just a two minutes cough but in other occasions, you may not be able to control a series of cough even for more than two to three hours. Your eyes become red as well as your face, you may experience flow of fluid from your eyes and nose. Moreover, in serve conditions; it may feel that if your body is burning in fire. It’s alright if you have suffered with one time cough but if it starts continuously then it is an asthma attack that is known as exacerbation or flareup.What is Asthma

what is asthma – Symptoms and Treatments:

It is important and necessary to treat your disease as soon as you acknowledge it as asthma. You must visit your doctor or physician for diagnosis. Timely diagnosis and treatment can help in preventing severe asthma attack. However, if the conditions are uncontrollable then you immediately need emergency care or it can prove to be fatal.

So, as you have come to know about the basic foundations about what is asthma, you should next explore the right treatment for your disease. Do remember that your doctor can help you in suppressing asthma symptoms but you can’t actually get rid of it forever. You must follow prescribed medicines and treatments if you wish to live a happy life. Keep yourself away from dust as dust causes extreme asthma symptoms. Some natural berries, exercise and balanced diet are necessary to avoid extreme asthma condition. Moreover, there are some practical medical hacks that can work well in case of extreme asthma attack. But do remember precautions before applying any home remedy. It is necessary to diagnose asthma before you start regular treatment or you may be on the wrong side of the road.  In this article you learnt that what is asthma and what are the symptoms of asthma and what are the most use full asthma treatments.