Best Natural Treatments for cold and Flu

By | February 28, 2015

Treatment for cold sores is vital for millions of people across the globe each day.  Due to this you may find different remedies for cold treatment in departmental stores.  The demand to get rid of this problem is great and it is important to understand the treatments for cold sores don’t health in speedy manner. However it is clear that most of the treatments for cold is purely home base and natural. Usually these problems will last for a week or 10 days. It is clear that a lot of people across the globe feel that the natural treatment for cold is best to deal with such problems. However there are some top treatments that can help you to get out of this situation.

Best Natural Treatments for cold and Flu:

cold and flu

Lemon Balm for Cold Treatment:

Lemon balm is one of the best and most natural treatments for cold sores.  It has been revealed that using creams that do contain lemon balm can help to heal blister at rapid pace.  When you use lemon balm creams on regular basis, it will not only help to heal the cold sores but will also help to avert.


Lysine are yet another great and influential cold treatment sores. Basically it is an amino acid and it can easily be got via supplements.  The body doesn’t make any amino acid but you can get this acid from supplements or food.  Study and research have proven that amino acid help to create proteins but also help to avert simplex virus to spread.  This acid makes proteins that will be helpful to fight against the problem your body has to face against viruses. It is available in different food items and it is very easy to obtain this acid because it can be available via meat, milk, eggs and cheese.  There are many food supplements that do contain this acid and you can take it anyways.


Resveratrol is another great remedy for cold and it can be easily available in red grapes. It is a natural treatment for your problem and according to research it is helpful in fight with viruses and diseases like simple virus.  According to another study people who applied cream that do contain this substance few times in a day it will help to restrain the growth of sores. It is very effective and efficient.

Mushrooms as a Treatment for cold:

If you want to get some best treatments for cold then considering Reishi mushroom is a great option. Medically these mushrooms have been used to cure cold since centuries by Chinese.  This will help you to enhance the immune system and according to different studies these mushrooms will help to prevent viruses to spread.  It is always better to use mushroom if you get trouble with sores.

Garlic Oil For cold and Flu treatment:

Garlic oil is considered as one of the most powerful aid to tackle any virus, infection, fungus or bacterial infection.  When it comes to cold sores then nothing is better than garlic oil as it is one of the best remedy for this trauma.  The herpes simplex infection that is main cause of cold sores can easily flee when garlic oil is applied.  This will help to speedy healing.  You can find this oil in different food stores but crushed oil of garlic is best and it is being most recommended. Eating garlic is again best and work tremendously for you.

Herbal mint, vitamin B, hydrogen peroxide is another great way to fast recovery from cold sores. Note down home remedies for cold treatment are natural and it will take time but it is always better to use natural ways to cure viruses. Good luck.