Best Ways to remove wrinkles from Face & Under Eyes

By | January 15, 2014

Today we are sharing the different techniques, ways and some home remedies to reduce wrinkles and line from the face. Wrinkles on face indicate the age of any one and if you want to look younger and don’t want to show your age then first you have to hide the wrinkles from the face.  There will be no difficulty in removing the wrinkles from the face, forehead and under the eyes. To remove wrinkles and blemishes naturally just follow the below exports suggestions.

We try to provide the suggestion and advices of experts so that you can easily know the causes of wrinkles and a proper way to remove wrinkles or reduce wrinkles from the face.

When human skin grows old and we cross the age of 36 then the signs of ageing begin. It is the wish of every man and women to look younger, handsome and beautiful. Fresh skin with wrinkles face is the dream of every one.

There are many types and places where you can observe the effects of wrinkles but mostly the effects of wrinkles are under eyes and on chicks. In this article we will discuss how to remove the eye wrinkles, skin wrinkles, face wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, under eye wrinkles or wrinkles under eyes.



remove wrinkles naturally

Best Ways to remove wrinkles from Face & Under Eyes

There are many cosmetic creams to remove wrinkles and surgeries exist but these are very expensive solution to get rid of wrinkles. In this article we will explain the methods to remove wrinkles using home remedies, natural techniques and tell you precautions to avoid the wrinkles.

Protect skin from the Sun:

Research and other theories proved that sun rays are the first cause of face wrinkles. Experiments had conducted on different people and the people who spent more time in sun have more wrinkles as compared to those which use shades.

One solution to avoid the wrinkles from the sun is using the sunscreen whenever you go outside.  You can also use sun protecting creams to save your face and skin from the ultraviolet rays of sun.

Leave or reduce the habit of smoking:

Smoking cigarette is another important cause of skin wrinkles and to remove wrinkles or reduce wrinkles you have to stop or reduce the habit of smoking. Smoking kills the two important skin elements i.e. collagen & elastine. Another research confirmed that people who smoke have 35% more thinner skin then the non smoker.

Sleep well:

Lack of Sleeping is another cause of damaging skin and produces face wrinkles and wrinkles under eyes. Lack of sleeping increase the quantity of cortisol  in the human body which damage the skin cells. So to remove wrinkles and reduce the wrinkles proper sleep is necessary. Experts recommend the 6 to 10 hour sleep daily.


Take advantage of castor oil.

Castor oil is the best home remedy to remove wrinkles from the face because castor oil is also called anti-aging oil. Wash your face and massage the area under eyes and chicks with the castor oil to remove wrinkles from face and wrinkles from under eyes. Similarly you can also use castor oil on your forehead to remove the forehead wrinkles. Use this technique at least 2 to 3 weeks and 2 times in a week.


Benefits of orange juice for wrinkles:

Squeeze the fresh juice of orange and apply on the area from where you want to remove wrinkles with a cotton swab. To remove face wrinkles orange juice is a very good remedy and applies orange juice two times daily and at least one week to see the results.


Benefits of Cucumbers to remove eye wrinkles:

Use of cucumbers is the oldest technique to remove wrinkles from face and eyes wrinkles. Cut the cucumber in round pieces and place on eyelids for few minutes. Try this method few days and you will feel decrease in wrinkles under eyes and below the eyes.

Best Ways to remove wrinkles from Face & Under Eyes:

Benefits of Coconut oil for face wrinkles.

You can also use coconut oil to remove the eyes wrinkles and reduce the signs of age. Massage your skin with coconut oil daily for one week to reduce the skin wrinkles.


Cure face wrinkles by drinking water:

Water is the most easy and simplest way to keep your face and skin fresh and healthy. By drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water you can provide the required hydration to skin which keep your face wrinkles free and lines free.


Some more home remedies to remove wrinkles:

Make a mixture of lemon and tomato juice and apply it two times a day on the dark circles or wrinkles to reduce wrinkles.

Another home remedy to remove wrinkles is the use of cold tea bag, use these tea bags gives relive to lines, dark circles and remove wrinkles.
similarly you can make the juice of tomato and add some mint leaves, lemon juice. Drink it daily for at least one week and see the results.

These are the best ways to remove wrinkles naturally from the face and under the eyes.