What is Bone Marrow Cancer Prognosis

By | March 29, 2015

What is meant by bone marrow cancer prognosis? Cancer was known to be a killer disease in past as now but now people are more aware about the medical progress and treatments for resurgence of cancer affected patient.  So, patients are not as afraid of cancer as treatment is possible. But it is really important to have right diagnosis of cancer. There are many types of cancer that can affect the patients and risk their life. The most dangerous kind of cancer that develops in bone marrow is called as myeloma. It is an injurious disease that prey on patient’s bone marrow cells. The affected cells are known as plasma cells. Patient’s bones are filled with cancerous plasma cells that resist and hinder in the production of healthy blood cells required for toughness of bones. The most common symptoms evolve as anemia, infections, bleeding problems, fractures, bone pain and kidney problems. It is straight forward after diagnosis that doctors use chemotherapy as the best treatment to control this disease. If diagnosed in initial stages then it can help control the growth of cancerous blood cells and patient get more survival chances.

For recovery of myeloma, it is necessary for patients to have proper bone marrow cancer prognosis. In simple words, it is the outlook of your disease and your physician can well interpret the stage of cancer and signs of recovery. In some cases, it has been found that disease cells respond quickly to treatment and patient starts recovering quickly. But on the other side, for some unfortunate patients; it does not happen as desired. The most successful treatment for myeloma is the transplantation of stem cell but again it all depends on the patient’s bone marrow prognosis. In some cases, it has good results but some even cannot recover from initial stages.

Why doctors pay definite attention to bone marrow cancer prognosis or what’s the important of prognosis? For a bone marrow cancer patient; it is really hard to get rid of this disease forever. Although in some cases, it happens and patients achieve this goal but not in all. But with the help of bone marrow cancer prognosis, doctors are able to control and overcome the growth pace of cancerous cells in patient’s bones. Actually, through prognosis, doctors interpret the cancer stage and they can recommend necessary medication required for overcoming the pace of disease. So, if any of the patient doubts about myeloma then it is recommended to have prognosis tests for determination of disease.