Bone marrow cancer treatment

By | March 28, 2015

Bone marrow cancer is a dangerous disease that can be controlled through recommended bone marrow cancer treatment. With the help of proper and continuous treatment, it is possible for the patient to get rid of complications and symptoms evolved through myeloma. Don’t ever interpret this treatment as a simple medical therapy as the patient needs it continuously until he/she gets rid of it or until his/her unfortunate death. So, there is continuous treatment for myeloma. Usually, the patients with some organ damaged due to bone marrow cancer are recommended with instant treatment. Most of such patients suffer due to the damage of tissues and they get inflexed in severe problems such as anemia or problems with kidney functioning.

The very first step for the patient to fight against myeloma is diagnosis. The most common diagnosis tests include urine and blood test for detection of paraprotein. Moreover, blood is taken to diagnose anemia and functioning of your kidneys. After completion of this first test, next is bone marrow sampling test. For this purpose, doctors take a small quantity of marrow from the pelvic bone or from breastbone. The sample is tested for presence of abnormal cells. If doctors find large quantity of plasma cells then they call the patient for X-rays. Doctors conduct X-rays of your bones to detect that specific pattern witnessed under myeloma. These tests are conducted repeatedly for monitoring the progress of your disease.

The most common bone marrow cancer treatments are chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and radiotherapy. Through chemotherapy treatment, the main focus of doctors is to stop multiplication of cancer cells with the help of anticancer drugs. There are many injections and tablets used as chemotherapy drugs to stop the expansion of myeloma. The combination used for chemotherapy drugs is dependent on the stage of cancer, type of myeloma and the occurred damages. If chemotherapy bone marrow cancer treatment proves good then doctors may recommend continuous intake of some drugs such as steroids, interferon, bortezomib or lenalidomide and thalidomide.

The second recommended bone marrow cancer treatment is stem cell transplant. It is not applicable in all cases as it is known to be the most intensive treatment of its type. But it gives a bright hope of complete recovery to the patient. Radiotherapy is the last treatment that can be used to cure a patient. In this treatment high energy radio beams are used to kill cancerous cells.