Child health

By | March 13, 2015

Child health is very important for every parent because when a child is born then he or she may have certain diseases which can be cure through different vaccines as the child care and rear is very hard but every problem has its solution for solving that problem so now days different vaccines are started for the purpose of recovering as well as curing kids in their childhood. Child health is also the part of child care for parents because every parent has responsibility to rear a child with great care. In past there was not new methods of curing children due to which the death rate of children was very high. Before arriving the age of 5 children use to die in past so to overcome that death rate of population new methods of treatments and cure are provided. These new methods involve proper vaccination, proper treatment, proper examination and proper diagnosis. Child health is based on what they eat, drink and maintain etc. Health is necessary for every human being because healthy life is dream of everyone. Health of child is maintained from day one through different feeding as well as activities of children. Following are some nutritional food given to child in their childhood:

  • Milk: Milk is very important for growing of children because it consists of proteins, carbohydrates, calcium and vitamins which are important for body of child. Calcium is most important for body to make bones of child strong and healthy so mothers try to give milk to their children on regular basis to keep them healthy.
  • Fish: Fish is also given to child for eating because it contains most of vitamins and proteins which a body wants to survive. Most of children don’t like to eat fish but mothers try to give them fish by cooking it well with different methods like fried fish, fish nuggets and fish burger etc. It keeps body temperature good in winter.
  • Butter: Butter contains carbohydrates, proteins and also good fats which are important for child health so mothers try to give butter to their children to eat with different products like bread and chapatti etc. Butter fulfills the requirement of body related to proteins and carbohydrates and it proves good food for child.
  • Vegetables: A child don’t like to eat vegetables because most of children want to eat chicken and mutton so mothers try to give them vegetables by cooking it with chicken and mutton for changing taste of their children so that they get good tastes as well as good health because vegetables fulfills the requirement of vitamins in the body.
  • Fruits: Fruits are also given to children to eat and make their body stable as well as healthy. Fruits fulfill the requirements of body regarding vitamins and minerals so it must be given to children for their best growth. Mothers give fruits to children by different ways as some mothers make juices, some make fruits salad and some make fruits shakes for children because they want their kids to eat fruits through any means.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt contains good fats and proteins and the child needs these in childhood because it is the growing age and in this growing age everything contains proteins and carbohydrates is important for child.

Above are the nutritional food items which are very important for child to eat and drink as well because every mother wants to grow her child with good health. Child health is very important to maintain because every child has to grow and make efforts in their life for good survival of life.