Children health

By | March 13, 2015

Children health is very important for parents because a child is most loving creature on this earth for parents. The care of child is taken into much consideration from the day of his or her birth. There are three stages of child growing. First stage is childhood which is from 1 to 10 years then adolescence stage occurs from 11 to 17 in which age of puberty also occurs and finally the stage of adultery occurs. In these stages a child care is most important factor because child is so sensitive creature. If you ignore the care of child into his or her childhood then he or she may become complex person in his or her future. In childhood most of kids may have lot of problems regarding health because the child is so sensitive in this age and suffered from most of diseases. For controlling these diseases proper vaccine system is available now days which was not used in past some decades. In past the death rate is so much high and most of died includes children. A child hardly reaches to the age of adolescence because most of children died in their childhood due to lack of proper vaccine and scientific methods of treating different diseases. Child health considers most important now days and most of methods are undertaken for resolving the problem of child diseases. Mothers are playing an important role in grooming of their children because for them children health is important for the future of their children. Here is some grooming of children by mothers:

  • Nutritional food: Children health is based on nutritional food because a child tries to eat everything but it is mother who stops and forbade him or her to eat unhygienic food so the important role in life of person is of mother because she know what to eat and how to eat. Mothers tries to give fruits, vegetables and other natural products which are important for growing kids. These products contain vitamins, good fats, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates etc which are important for children in their growing.
  • Clean drinking: Every mother tries to give clean water, milk, juices and shakes to drink which are pure and clean for their kids. Drinking also puts good effect on children health because these drinks contain minerals and vitamins which are important for health. Milk contains proteins, calcium, carbohydrates and vitamins which help in growing of children and also making them strong. Calcium is important for bones of children so every mother try to give milk to children for drinking.
  • Curricular activities: Mothers tries to involve their children in healthy activities like playing games, running, taking part in sports and be active every time. These activities play an important role in the health and grooming of children. These activities increase the capacity of children for doing daily routine work, children feel active all the time, children involve in extra curriculum in their schools and these activities make them punctual every time. Children got stronger, sharper and active either it is sports or daily routine work.
  • Good habits: Good habits are very important for children because being clean save you from most of diseases generated by viruses and bacteria created by different germs in the air. Good habits includes washing hands, wearing clean clothes, having bath daily and brush teeth twice a day. Mothers are involved in the teaching of these habits for the purpose of saving their child from germs and viruses which cause severe diseases.

Above is the role of mother in children health as mother plays a key role in the grooming and growing of their children.