Electric Cigarette Health Concerns

By | April 2, 2015

Electric cigarette is much popular now a day and considering one of the best and perfect alternative to traditional regular cigarettes. It was introduced in 2007 in United State market and within few years, it storms the world with its advantages. Manufacturers and consumers of this device seem much satisfied with its result and taste. Supporters of ecigerette views that it is much better options than regular tobacco cigarette because it does not contain harmful chemicals such as ash, tar, carbon monoxide etc.

The safety, efficiency, possible benefits and side effects of electronic cigarette have not been studied, people have no proper and exact way to know that whether it is effective for health or not, how much harmful ingredients are used in its formula and how much smoker inhale during smoking, how much risk are associated with use of this device. These are some ambiguities that are necessary to solve as soon as possible.

Electric Cigarette Health Concerns:

Some medical researchers, scientist and regulatory agencies are trying to conduct experiments in order to find the reality regarding the possible benefits and side effects of this device.

Here is the detail of some most prominent regulatory agencies regarding electronic cigarette.

World Health Organization:

World health organization in September 2008 stated that peer reviewed studied have been conducted showing the results that e cigarette is effective, efficient and safe to human health because it does it does not contain harmful substances such as tar, ash and carbon monoxide. World Health Organization does not describe the possibility that Ecigarettes can be useful as smoking cessation aid but it insisted on electric cigarette help the smokers to quit smoking habit easily and accordingly.

United State Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

United State Food and Drug Administration in May 2009 tested about 19 different types of e cigarettes produced by main two manufacturers of this device named Smoking Everywhere and NJOY. A poisonous and harmful liquid Diethylene glycol was detected in ecigg manufactured by Smoking Everywhere. A well know cancer causing substance, tobacco specific nitrosamines was detected in almost all brands and devices of electric cigarettes. Nicotine was also detected in various nicotine free claiming devices. Food and Drug Administration publicly dishearten the use of e cigarette and raised the concern that this device may be marketed to attract young non smokers and lack appropriate health warnings.

 American Association of Public Health Physicians:

American Association of Public Health Physicians on April 2010 encourage and allow the sale of e-cigarette to adults ‘’because of the possibility to save the lives of up to 4 million of 8 million of tobacco smokers in America who will have a risk to die of tobacco over the next 20 years. American Association of Public Health Physicians is against the sale of electric cigarette to minors.

Boston University School of Public Health Study:

Researchers and scientists at Boston University School of Public Health Study concluded the E-cigarette is much safer than traditional regular conventional cigarettes. Ecigerette may help in breaking the habit of regular smoking.