Electric Cigarette – Public Health Focus

By | April 1, 2015

Manufacturers of electronic cigarette claims that it is safer and most effective alternative to traditional cigarette that contain numerous harmful substance like nicotine. The efficiency and safety of e-cigarette have not been completely studied. Inhaler of this new product recently has no way of knowing that:

  • How much harmful chemical substance is being inhaled during its use?
  • Whether these electric cigarettes are protected and safe for their planned use.
  • If there is any health benefit associated with using of this product.

These are some common question that has no answers. Additionally it is also not identified that use of electronic cigarette may lead the young generation to use other products including the traditional conventional cigarettes, which are recognized to cause severe diseases and lead the people to premature death.

Electric Cigarette – Public Health Focus:

Electric cigarette, seen by many smokers as it is most effective, healthy and beneficial alternative to tobacco smoking that cause damage to the lungs. Some well experienced and professional scientists from university of Greece and Athens explained at European Respiratory Society Annual Congress 2012, Vienna on Sunday that electric cigarette is best and perfect alternative to traditional smoking.

Scientist’s Christina and team members set out a study to determine the short term effect of ecigerette on health of some individuals. Study includes different type of individuals, including the existing smokers with and without health issues and also including individuals with no known health problem. Experiment was carried on 32 volunteers of whom 24 were regular current smokers while 8 were lifetime no smokers. Some of them had health issues like asthma while some were healthy with no problem.

All 32 volunteers were asked to inhale electronic cigarette for just 10 minutes. Diagnostic procedures and spirometry test were used to measure the resistance of airways. Tests were used to measure the resistance of respiratory tract to airflow coming during inhalation and going during the process of exhalation.

Scientists Christina and team members found that using an electric cigarette caused an immediate boost in airway resistance that usually lasted for at least 10 minutes in majority of partakers. Below are some major results and findings of this experiment.

  • Using of ecigerette by lifetime non smokers for ten minutes boost the resistance of airways from 182% to 206%. Scientists describe it as ‘’significant boost’’.
  • Among regular current smokers, ecigg increase resistance of airways from 176% to 220% after inhaling the cigarette for only 10 minutes.
  • The participants who already have health problems such as asthma experienced no significant boost in resistance of airways after using the e-cigarette for 10 minutes.

In February 2013 Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York researchers reported in American Journal of Preventive Medicine that ‘’a rising number of people are inhaling ecigerette to cut down their tobacco consumption habit or either to quit smoking permanently.’’

Various medical researchers and scientists are agree that e cigarette if do cause any risk to human health, are greatly minor risky than tobacco smoking.