Exercises For Eyes to Improve Vision and Get Rid of Spectacles

By | May 4, 2015

We are presenting the best exercises for eyes to improve vision, strengthen eye muscles and get rid of spectacles. By daily doing the eyes exercises for better vision you can easily give relax to your eyes during your working hours. If you are working in an office or a student and you have to spend too much time on laptop and computers or televisions then these eye exercises will be very beneficial for you. Using the below given simple eyes exercises and eyes tips, you can get rid of glasses and improve eyesight quickly. These are the simple exercises which I can perform even at work or school or college.


Blinking exercise for eyesight improvement:

Blinking is very easy exercise for eyes to improve vision. When we are watching TV and computer screen, then we don’t blink frequently, which causes the dry eyes and irritation in eyes. When you close your eyes during the blinking, then eyes become recharge and fresh and removes the previous information and ready to accept new information’s. Tightly close eyes for 5 seconds and open again for 5 seconds. Perform eyes blinking exercise 10 times daily. Blinking is the best and simple eyes exercise at work and you can try blinking exercise before sleep.


Hot and Cold Water uses to improve eye vision:

Take two towels and soak one in hot water and second in cold water. Now gently press the towel on your closed eyelids, first hot and then cold for a few minutes. End the exercise by putting a cold towel and enjoy the simple eyes massaging exercise to improve eyesight and to give relaxation to the eyes. These exercises for eyes enable you to work for a long time without tired and weak eyesight.  You will like to read how I can improve eyesight naturally and get rid of glasses?


Eyes Movement Exercise to get rid of spectacles:

Moves your fingers on your closed eyes for 2 minutes in circular direction. Don’t press eyes, just lightly move the fingers to increase the circulation and get rid of spectacles. Face exercises and exercises for eyes to improve vision will help you to sustain eyesight strong and helpful to remove glasses permanently.exercises for eyes

First sit on a chair and relax. Now move your eyes first in clockwise direction and then moves your eyes in anti-clock wise direction. After completing each cycle blink your eyes and repeat at least 5 times. Eye movement exercises are the best and effective exercises for eyes to improve vision.eyes exercises

Near and Far Focus Eyes Exercises to permanently remove Spectacles:

Now try to focus on a very far object which have a low contrast background. This is very good eye exercise when you are using laptops and computers. Eye exercises are very necessary for all of us nowadays to keep eyesight sharp and strong.exercises for eyes

Near and far focus exercise for eyes is very important and effective. Take a pencil in your hand and take it away from you as much as you can approximate 20 cm. Focus on this pencil for a few seconds and then focuses on any distant object for a few seconds. Now focus again on the near object a pencil in our case. Repeat this eyes exercise 4 to 5 times daily to improve the eyesight.