Health & Beauty Tips for Teens age Girls & Boys

By | April 6, 2014

Health and Beauty Tips for teens age girls & boys are presented to help teenage girls and teenage boys to take care of them and groom their personality to  look more beautiful and attractive.  There are a number of teen beauty tips and ways to look beautiful at teenage but here I will share the most useful  teen beauty tips and ways to look pretty and fabulous in your teenage.  Here all the general tips for teens age girls and boys are written and we recommend you to follow these teen beauty tips  everyday.

Teenage is the most sensitive and the passesanting age of everyone. It is the desire of every teenager to look more beautiful, healthy, stylish, attractive and unique, have healthy skin, healthy body and look very beautiful. So we will cover all tips for teens age girls to look beautiful. How to get shining skin, how a teenage girl can make her skin white and fair, how to maintain the body in teen age, how to take care of yourself in early age in term of health and beauty, all are sharing with you.

Health & Beauty Tips for Teens age Girls & Boys 

Be confident:

In early age due to some physical changes your confident start decreasing, but don’t afraid of these changes. All changes in teenage are natural and girl / boy has to pass through these changes so be confident. Trust yourself and don’t let your confidence down to enjoy your teenager. In early age it is very necessary for teen ager girls and boys to take some help and guideline from their elder and in this article we tried to do so.


Take care of Teeth:

Brush teeth in the morning and before going to bed at night. Use mouth wash and chew sugar free gum when you want to keep your breath fresh.  A simple home remedy to make your teeth white is taking the cover of lemon and dries it. Make the powder of this dried lemon cover and brush your teeth with this powder for a few days.  These teeth whiting tips are very good for teenagers to enhance one of the important part of the face to look beautiful and attractive.


Face washing:

Wash your face three times a day if you can easily wash otherwise I will recommend to wash face at morning time and before sleeping. By washing your face you will clean it from dust, oils and other dirt make your skin beautiful, smooth and white. By washing face teenage girls can easily make their skin white and glowing.  When you wash your face daily you will also get rid of pimples and blackheads after some time. These are the most important and useful tips for teens girls.

Tips for Teens

Tips for Teens

Hair care:

Hair is the first thing which gets damaged sometime in the early age of girls and boys. If you don’t take care of hair in teenage then you will lose them very soon. Don’t forget to wash your hair in teenage at least 2 to 4 times a week with a good shampoo and conditioner. Beautiful hair with a decent hair style you will look very pretty and beautiful in teenage. If you find your hair are falling too much then must contact with a dermatologist immediately and ask for hair tips.

Use deodorant and perfume:

Whenever you go outside with your friends and family must use a good deodorant and very little perfume to give your personality a unique identification.

 Health & Beauty Tips for Teens age Girls & Boys:

Take care of Physical Health:

Health is the most important thing whom you have to consider to look beautiful attractive in teen age.  A good body shape with good health attract every one and add more beauty in your personality. So to keep yourself healthy fallow the below given teen aging diet plan.

 Use Vegetables and fruits in teenage:

Green vegetables have a lot of vitamins and minerals which are essential for teenage girls and boys. Use fresh and raw vegetables as a salad and eat fruits daily to provide your body all the essential elements. If you use vegetables and fruits in your meal, then you will be able to easily maintain your good health.  This will make your skin fresh and glowing so all girls who want to look beautiful must use vegetables and fruits. This will make girls’ skin glowing as well as make teenage girls face more fair.

Be hydrated:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Water is the main source and the way to make your body part healthy and without drinking enough water you can get a white skin and fair color. In other words, by just drinking a good amount of water you can easily get a glowing face and white skin in teenage.

To maintain body Regular Exercise:

Exercise and walking are the most important ways to keep your body in shape and look beautiful. If you are in teenage and want to look physically perfect, then exercise and walking are the best solution for teenage girls beauty. Go for a walk or for running whenever you have some time and involve yourself in activities like cycling, swimming and running.  Exercise will burn the extra fats from your body and improve the blood circulation in your body which will make you taller and stronger.  So exercise is very good tip for teenage girls and teenage boys.

These are basic tips for teens boys and young girls. We strongly recommend you to take care of your self in your early teen age because it is the most sensitive age from every point of view and you need a special guideline so we tried to make these beauty tips for teens as well as healthy tips for teens. hopefully these healthy and beauty tips of teenage girls and boys will helpful for you. Cheers.