Health food recipes

By | March 15, 2015

Healthy life is the desire of every consumer and for this desire’s fulfillment every consumer tries to consume healthy items of food which put a good impact on his or her body and fitness. A perfect body is as the athletic body free of fats and laziness and everyone tries to have athletic body. Health food recipes are necessary in case of making sound body. Food is the basic need of every person and everyone tries to eat hygienic food which is good for his or her health. Health food recipes are in many numbers because every consumer has its own taste of food so he or she can make the food according to his or her need and desire.  The ingredients used in health food recipes are very soft because spicy food can harm you internally. There are number of recipes of food, drinks and salads as well which are beneficial for consumer to eat and drink. Here we discuss some of the health food recipes important for person to eat if he or she wants a good health:

  • Mix vegetables: It is the recipe of mix vegetables dish. It contains potato, tomato, peas, cabbage, carrot, olives, ginger and green chili. The vegetables in this recipe must be cooked into olive oil because olive oil is the healthy oil for your body it keeps body physically fit. Most of other fats contain oil are not good for health it make your body fat and unhealthy.
  • Potato sticks: It is another recipe which must be made by mothers for their children because it can be eaten with interest. It is made with boiled potatoes and eggs. For making more interesting for children some colors which are made especially for food are added into these potato sticks and do light fry into hygienic olive oil which is good for health.
  • Pomegranate chicken with almonds: It is another healthy recipe of food for making these ingredients added pomegranate, boiled almonds and chicken breast. Firstly you can marinate chicken into lemon and sauce which is good for your health and then you can make it with deep steam this recipe don’t contain any calories and fats which are not good for your health.
  • Paper chicken: Paper chicken is also another recipe important for people for keeping them healthy. It is made by marinating chicken into lemon, salt and vinegar and then put it into paper or wraps it with green chilies and then steams it for half an hour. You would have a perfect and tasty paper chicken for eating which is healthy for you because it does not contain any fats and calories related items.
  • Chicken corn soup: Chicken corn soup is also a healthy recipe because it contains chicken and corn important for health of person. It is made by boiling chicken and making threads of chicken then add corn flour to make boiled water viscous then you can add boiled carrots, peas, salt, black pepper, corn and boiled eggs to make it more tasty and ready to eat. It is healthy for elders as well as kids.

Above are the healthy food recipes which are important for people to eat because these are easy as well as healthy for everyone as it does not contains any unhygienic item as well as oily ingredients which can make you fat and increases your cholesterol. These recipes are also easily eaten by patients because it contains light and soft ingredients. These foods are also eaten by children as well because children don’t prefer spicy food.