Health and nutrition

By | March 1, 2015

Every person in this world dreams to be healthy, wealthy and wise in life. Health is everything in the life of person.  If you are not healthy then you can’t prove yourself best in your life either it is of work place or at your home because weakness in the body can make you lazy and irritate person. You can irritate yourself by anger and also sadness. The moods and emotions of person are depends on the health of person. Health of person depends on the nutrition and nourishment he or she intakes. Nutrition of a person is done from the nourishment which is mostly done from the very first day of child birth because a person becomes strong and efficient with the passing of age while having good nourishment. Health and nutrition are considered side by side because they are interrelated as well as interconnected with each other. If a person wants good health then he or she must have good nutrition from very first day. Health is very common factor in the life of person because his efforts, life and activities are revolves around health and the health is based on good nutrition and nourishment so you can’t ignore anyone of health and nutrition. Here are certain nutritional products which help in making good health:

  • Milk: In the life of person milk plays a key role because it contains proteins, good fats and vitamins which are very useful for human to take once in day to fulfill the requirements of body of person. A person must take milk in day because it fulfills the requirements of proteins and good fats in the body of person so it considered the best nutrition to the health of person.
  • Butter: It is another dairy product which is good for good fats and protein in the body. A person must take butter with bread because it fulfills the need of body of person. It must not be taken into abundance but a small amount of butter is important for body because it provide health and nutrition to body of person.
  • Yogurt: A fine amount of yogurt is very important for person daily because it can provide a good amount of protein and vitamins to body of person. Most of people use yogurt in making juices and fruit salad as well because it tastes good to the person and have fine amount of protein to fulfills the requirement of body. It is good for health and nutrition as well as fairness and complexion of body of person.
  • Cream: It is good for a body of person to use fresh cream on cakes, ice creams and salads. There are much uses of cream in this world and people prefer to have fresh creams for the purpose of fulfilling requirements of body of person. It is noted that it contains much amount of protein, minerals and good fats as well as carbohydrates which provide health and nutrition to body of person.

Health of person is important as well as necessary and the about nutritional food is important for person to take in his or her daily routine. If a person wants to survive and have a good life with his or her family he or she may take some proper diet for his or her fitness as well as good health. Health and nutrition are taken side by side to be happy in life because nutrition is the intake of good food as well as good diet by a person which enhance the health of person in his or her life.