Health recipes

By | March 12, 2015

Health of person is very important and necessary factor to care about in your life because without healthy life a person cannot take the fun taste of this world. Different people use different methods to gain health. Some people use to take exercises of health, some people use to take good food for healthy life and some people use to take healthy activities. Healthy food is necessary in life and health recipes are very common in life like our foremothers use to tell us about certain health recipes of food which is nutritional and good for health. Health recipes of food are important because it keeps body physically fit and fulfills the demand of vitamins and proteins in the body. These healthy food recipes are different from other oily and unhygienic food because oily food increases the level of fats which can make you fat and inactive. You cannot work well with fat body because it lacks activeness and full of laziness. You can also face some problems regarding your body internal system related to reproductive system. If we talk about female then she can face lot of problems regarding menstruation cycle with fat body because there may cause clotting and delay in menstruation which we call Dysmenorrheal menstruation. Health recipes of food are necessary for female as well as male because these food recipes are made with good effects of health. Some of the health recipes of food are as under:

  • Healthy Salads: Salad is very important for health because it contains different type of vegetables which are fresh and pure natural item to eat. Every vegetable is important for its own benefits which are necessary for your health. Most of vitamins which are important for body are fulfilled by vegetables. Vegetables include in salad are cucumber, green chili, cabbage, potato, onion, tomato, carrot, olive, ginger, corn, radish and many other which contains different vitamins and minerals important for your health. In the same way salad is also made of fruits which are also important for health because it contains the different vitamins and minerals which are necessary for body of person.
  • Healthy juices: You must also use healthy juices which are made from fresh fruits contains different vitamins and proteins as well which are necessary for body of person. You can make a healthy juice with fresh fruits and milk. For instance if you want to make cranberry shake you need cranberries which contains vitamin C and vitamin E and also fiber important for decreasing diseases in body, you also need milk, peach, pineapple and pear for making good cranberry juice which increases your health.
  • Healthy main dish: Main dish is the dish which you have made for lunch and dinner. It must be healthy because taste and health of family matters a lot. For instance you want to make mix vegetables dish you require to have potatoes, peas, cabbage, olive, carrot, radish, cucumber and green chili. For cooking you need olive oil and soft ingredients which are not so much spicy because spicy food can harm your internal system. These vegetables can add health to your body because of vitamins and minerals which are important for your body. Olive oil can control your cholesterol level in body and also heart diseases so you must use olive oil in cooking your food. You must also use black pepper in cooking to avoid diseases generated by other spices.

These are the health recipes of food important for you in life to save your life because you have to make efforts for your earnings. For health your body needs vitamins and minerals which are fulfilled in these healthy food recipes.