How to Lose Weight quickly Naturally

By | May 27, 2013

It is the dream of every one to live a healthy and good life. A happy life without a good health is not possible, if you are worried about your weight and want to be smart then you can easily lose weight but you need a strong will and determination with some special tips and tricks.

If you decided to lose weight then first think keep in mind that you cannot loss a lot of weight quickly and if so that’s mean you lost the water and muscles instead of fat. Think that you can only lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight in a week and then go for it. Don’t check your weight daily, follow the below given losing weight plan and then check your weight once in a week.lose-weight-naturally

Losing weight, becoming smart and slim is not a difficult job. You can easily lose weight by following our top ten health tips to lose weight. Read and decide that are these losing weight tips are easy or difficult? Your answer must be yes then why you not practicing these tips few days to lose weight? You have to properly give sometime to yourself daily so that you can maintain a good health and lose weight. Check this link also if you are really serious to lose weight Losing Weight Failure in Women Top 10 Reasons“.

 How to Lose Weight quickly Naturally

lose weight

Following are the effective ways to lose weight quickly:

  • You have to use fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can instead of eating other things. Fruits and vegetable contains very low calories that help you to maintain your health and lose weight.lose weight
  •   You can use spices in daily diet such as Black pepper, cinnamon and ginger because these are very good things that help to lose weight. But don’t use Salt because Salt is a source of gaining weight instead of losing.
  •  Cabbage is famous and effective way to lose weight because cabbage converts the sugar into fat. You can easily include cabbage vegetable in to daily diet to lose weight quickly.
  • Milk and dairy products contain the large quantity of fats which must be avoided to lose weight. Try to avoid dairy and bakery products including cheese, butter and yogurts.lose-weight

How to Lose Weight quickly Naturally


  •  Honey is another most important way to lose weight quickly. Honey has more effective when it is use in the morning with the warm water.
  •  Leave the coffee, tea and other soft drinks and include the lemon juice in your daily drinks. Whenever you feel thirstiness then use lemon juice and it gives the more efficient results when use early in the morning before eating anything.
  •  You can boost the losing weight plan by adapting a regular exercise program. Losing weight without exercise is very difficult and long. Exercise is always best way to lose weight quickly. Exercise is burn more calories as compared to any food or drink.

Following are some useful exercises to lose weight quickly and properly.

  1. Aerobics
  2. Hiking
  3. Running / cycling
  4. Walking
  5. Swimming

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