Important Strawberry Benefits for Health and Fitness

By | February 1, 2015

Every season has its own blessings and summer arrives with a lot colors and sweetness. Although, summer is considered as one of the most tiring seasons but it showers infinite number of blessings and soothes the habitants with sweet summer fruits. Red heart shaped sweets are one among the numerous blessings for summer. Yes, you have guessed it right; I am referring to strawberries here. Strawberries are considered as one of the most refreshing, healthy and popular treats of summer.

Nowadays, we are always greeted with sweet red hot strawberries as fruit but do you know the ancient use this sweet fruit? Strawberries are popular since the existence of Roman empires. In the time of Roman’s kingdom, strawberries were considered as one of the key medicinal ingredient for a number of problems including bad breath, kidney stones, gout, fever and other diseases. But do you know strawberry benefits for health in current time? Well, this sweet glittery fruit has numerous benefits or I should say that it has infinite number of benefits. We, humans have discovered and acknowledged some countable quantity of strawberry benefits but this divine fruit has many unknown health benefits. However, I will try to list down some of the key strawberry benefits for health in coming lines.Strawberry benefits for health

But before, I unveil some of the countable benefits of strawberry; let me ask if you know about the varieties of this little red heart? Well, let me surprise you as there are over six hundred kids of strawberries around the world. Yes, over six hundred varieties of strawberries are available in world market. Moreover, the sweet heart shaped tart berries are one among the top ten fruits and vegetables used as antioxidants around the world.

Strawberry Benefits for Health and Fitness:

Let’s start with the nutritional strawberry benefits for health. What a single berry is composed of? A single strawberry is a rich source of all essential nutrients including potassium, vitamin C, fiber and folic acid. It has been estimated that a single cup of strawberries has over 160% of daily required vitamin C by your body and it only contains fifty calories. Here are the nutritional facts about a cup of strawberries that weigh equal to one hundred and sixty six grams. This cup contains fifty calories as said above along with one gram of protein, about eleven grams of carbohydrates, four grams of dietary fiber, twenty three grams of calcium, half gram of iron, seventeen grams of magnesium, thirty one grams of phosphorus, forty five grams of potassium, one gram of selenium, ninety four grams of vitamin C, twenty nine mcg of folate and forty five IU of vitamin A. So, actually, it is not just a cup of fresh strawberries but you can name it as nutritional power house. It also contains ellagic acid, antioxidants, kaempferol and quercetin. These listed ingredients provide strong protection against some severe kinds of cancer. Have you been blasted? Haven’t yet? Let’s explore other strawberry benefits for health in next paragraph. Keep reading and you will be amazed to discover strange and surprising nutritional benefits of this little berry. Click here to read health benefits of Fruits.

It is rightly believed that every kind of fruit and vegetable has unlimited health benefits and as for as strawberries are concerned; science has explored infinite advantages of this marvelous natural gift that is considered as a strong shield against diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other dangerous or life threatening maladies.

Strawberries are considered as one of the best antioxidants on this earth and this is why, it helps in preventing cataracts. Cataract is defined as a disease that has severe effects in older age and people partially or totally lose their eye sight. Human eyes need strong protection and shield against Sun’s UV rays and such protection is provided by the vitamin C. Moreover, Vitamin C provides strength to our retina and cornea. So, the use of strawberry as a rich source of vitamin C can help us protect our eyes against possible damages. As said above, strawberry benefits for health cannot be compressed in an article. Actually, a writer needs a book to explain the unlimited health advantage of this sweet berry. However, here are some more advantages.

Studies have shown that vitamin C is one of the best antioxidant ingredient found in strawberries and it can help in prevention of cancer. Moreover, ellagic acid is a phytochemical found in strawberries and it has anti-cancer properties. Ellagic acid suppresses the growth of cancer cells. In addition to these properties, strawberries also contain zeathancins and lutein that help in neutralizing negative effects of cancer on our body cells.

Moreover, there are some physical strawberry benefits for health including its feature to keep your skin healthy, fresh and wrinkle free. Strawberry helps in maintaining your health and you can long as young as you were in teenage.