Losing Weight Failure in Women Top 10 Reasons

By | May 6, 2013

If you are women and you think you can never lose weight, you can never be smart etc then actually, you are deceiving yourself.  The Real Skinny is a recently published book in which 101 Top Fat excuses are discussed. This book is written after a complete survey, research and feedbacks and 101 excuses are mentioned in it, which are actually the reasons behind the women failure of losing weight.  Solutions for each excuse are also provided in this book so that you can become smart and slim without any excuse.

Focus of losing weight book is to inspire women to realize that “when there is a will then there is way”. If you want to lose weight and become smart then it is not impossible. You can easily lose weight and look attractive but only thing require is your will.

Losing Weight Failure in Women Top 10 Reasons

The Real Skinny’s Top 10 Fat Excuses

weight lossing tips

In losing weight book 101 women excuses are not only mentioned which they made to satisfy themselves that they can never be smart, they can never lose weight but reasons and physiology of women behind this excuses are also discusses as well as best solutions are provided according to each excuse for losing weight.

This book is actually a complete guide for losing weight which provide you tips and solutions for your 15 day diet plan, daily diet, how to eat and what to eat for losing weight. What are the healthy, tasty recipes and much more.

Losing Weight Failure in Women Top 10 Reasons

weight losing tips

weight losing tips

This losing weight book is specially written for those women who had already tried to adapt a good weight-losing plan but negative thinking and self-reasoning is the reason behind their failure.

If you ever try to start a weight-losing plan and you did not succeeded then Real skinny is something which will help you to become smart and slime.

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