Nutrition and health

By | March 6, 2015

Nutrition is feeding with fresh and healthy items for the purpose of increasing health and fitness of person in his or her life. Nutritional food is the hygienic food which must be taken by people to add health in their life. Nutrition and health is not the time growing but it is the process which goes on with the passage of time. A child when born is feed by nutritional food to grow up with health. Nutrition and health move side by side because they are interrelated with each other. A person tries to get nutritional food as much as he or she can. A consumption of nutritional food is very much because of health care f people for themselves as everyone wants to be healthy and fit. Nutrition and health is important to grow and to live a healthy life for person because he or she has to make efforts in the life for survival and without health it is not possible for them to survive.  Nutrition is done through different activities included physical activities and mental activities as well because it is not limited to food nutrition. Nutrition is the growth of physical appearance and physical shape of person by using different ways. Nutrition and health are the foremost focus of person in his or her life because health is the physical fitness of person which is important for person in his or her life to get strong and active. Nutrition and health contains following activities for fitness:

  • Physical activities: These are the activities for people to do for maintaining their physical appearance. These activities are done for keeping people active and strong in their life. physical activities contains following activities:
  1. Running: Running is very important for health of person because a person health must be physical fit and running enhances the beauty as well as physical fitness of person in his or her life.
  2. Exercises: Exercise is important for people to be physically fit in their life and this must be done by people to lose fats as much as they can.
  3. Gym: Most of people join gym to enhance their body because physical fitness is important for person in life.
  4. Jogging: It is another physical activity for person to enhance their body shape most of people adopt this activity for maintaining themselves.
  5. Walking: Morning walk is very much improving the physical appearance of person and it is also enhance the person’s internal system. It can also enhance the breathing system as well.
  • Mental activities: There are some mental activities which are adopted by people to increase their intellectual as well. These are important for people to increase their intellectual ability for their good health and mind fitness.
  1. Sleeping: For mind fitness a person must be mentally healthy with the sleeping the mind health increased of person but a person must sleep for 8 hours in a day to be healthy and mentally fit.
  2. Less use of technology: If a person wants to be physically fit then he or she must not use excessively the mobile phones and computer because these things can affect the mind badly by tiring mind.
  • Eating: It is another activity for a person to be healthy in his or her life because nutritional food is very important for person in his or her life for surviving well. Fresh and pure food must be taken because it increase the level of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins which your body needs in abundance so you have to take such food which fulfills the requirement of these vitamins in your body.