Quick Home Remedies For Dehydration Treatment

By | May 2, 2015

The main reason of dehydration is lack of water in the body, medically meaning of dehydration is a condition in which your body lost enough water that the body is unable to properly work. Causes of dehydration are doing physical activities in hot weather, too much sweating, vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms of dehydration are dry mouth, thirst, headaches, dizziness, little urination, low blood pressure and fatigue. The best treatment of dehydration is to full fill the water and fluid requirement of the body. It is possible to treat dehydration by following some simple home remedies for dehydration treatment.

 Quick Home Remedies For Dehydration Treatment:

If the dehydration problem occurs when you are at work or involved in some physical work, then please follow these dehydration remedies.

  • Stop your work and take some rest.
  • If you are in sunlight then move to a cool place or under a shade and lie down there for a few minutes.
  • Immediately drink water or juice so that water lost can be replaced.
  • You have to ensure that you should drink 2 litters of water in next 3 to 4 hours. 

    Dehydration Tips

     Dehydration Tips

  • You can drink ORS which is very good to quickly replace the lost water and minerals.
  • Avoid the use of milk, fruit juices and caffeinated items because these items don’t relief dehydration.
  • Eat yogurt because it is very useful for dehydration treatments and diarrhea. Yogurt contains the electrolytes and easily detestable so it will give you quick relief from dehydration.
  • Coconut water is very effective home remedy for dehydration treatment. Coconut water contains the electrolytes in large quantity which quickly help you to control dehydration. Read all Health Benefits of Coconut oil for health.
  • To treat mild dehydration, bananas are very good for the dehydrating treatment because bananas contain the minerals such as potassium which will help to restore the important electrolytes of the body which was lost due to dehydration.

These are the simple dehydration treatments for quick recovery at home and office. This article is also helpful for following things:

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