Teen’s health

By | March 3, 2015

Healthy life is the utmost desire of everyone we can say that it is the basic need of everyone to be healthy in life. Health of person starts from his or her childhood or it is not wrong if we say from day one. There are certain ages of person’s life first stage is childhood it is from birth to 8 years, secondly comes age of adolescence, thirdly comes age of puberty and finally an adult forms. In these all stages the need of person is health. In childhood a child need extra care of parents for the purpose of growing. Parents of child give him or her perfect nutrition for the purpose of growing and bringing up him or her. This bringing can impact his or her adult age at last because the stages of person development gain as well as lose lot of health. If we talk about teenagers then we can say that teenagers need lot of care and nutrition to grow because they have to do lot of work after their teen stage.  Teenage girls are specifically most delicate topic of discussion because female is the source of population in the world they are nation builder so the health of female is most important part. Teen’s health can be seen from the age of thirteen because teenagers are nation builder in future so their health means a lot to everyone. Teen’s health most importantly in girls can be developed with the passage of time because this age of girls is very delicate age it is the first most important step towards their adultery. When a boy or a girl reached to teenage then he or she may take good care of his or her food as well as diet. Teen’s health is also important because it is the stage of puberty and which takes lot of effort as well as health to become an adult. Here is certain nutrition which teenagers must need for their good health:

  • Fruits: Teen’s health is delicate and needs fruits to grow with the flow of age. Fruits help to increase vitamins as well as minerals in the body of person. Fruits help to increase the level of protein as well in the body which keeps body healthy.
  • Dairy products: Dairy products are also source of proteins and carbohydrates in the body of person so the teenagers needed this for the purpose of generating their health and increasing level of proteins in the body of person.
  • Exercise: Teenagers also need exercise daily to keep body healthy. Teen’s health requires a perfect exercise everyday to keep body fit and smart and also active which helps in their daily routine work. Teenagers with exercise become active and laziness can be reduced from the body of teenagers with the exercise.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables contain lot of minerals and vitamins most of teenagers don’t like to eat vegetables but they are important source of energy in the body of person it must be taken every day. The intake of vegetables is important to gain energy in body of teenagers because teen is the growing age of person.

Teen’s health is necessary to deal with because it is the early stage of growing people into adults and this growing of person passes from different levels of puberty as well and this age uses lot of energy in the body of person so to overcome that energy above mentioned nutritional food and activities are important for every teenager to intake and have a perfect life of health as health is the everything one have in his or her life.