Best teeth whitening tips to make teeth white quickly and permanently are presented today. It is the wish of teenager to old people to have white teeth. White teeth make your smile more beautiful and attractive. To make your teeth white and clean you have to follow few teeth whitening tips and yellow teeth treatments.


 Best teeth whitening tips to make teeth white quickly at home:

  • Take a lemon and cut into two pieces, gently rub the inner side of lemon on your teeth to remove the yellow stain of teeth.
  • Orange peel is also a simple home remedy to clean teeth and make teeth sparkly. Rub the inner side of orange peel on the front side of teeth to clean teeth naturally.
  • Take one teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt, massage this mixture on your teeth with a brush or fingertips to make your teeth white. These are very effective teeth whitening tips to permanently get rid of yellow teeth.
  • Rub the inside part of a banana peel to make teeth white quickly.
  • Strawberries are also used to give teeth whitening tips to teenagers. You can cut the strawberries into two parts and rub on the teeth to make teeth clean and remove teeth yellow dots.
  • Simple salt can be used to get rid of teeth yellowness by just rubbing the salt using your fingertips. Using teeth whitening tips, you can get rid of yellow teeth diseases.


Best teeth whitening tips to make teeth white quickly at home

Yellow Teeth Causes:

Following are the most common yellow teeth causes:

  • Smoking is one of the reasons of yellowish stain of teeth because of nicotine levels.
  • Black coffee is also a reason of yellowish teeth and make your teeth week.
  • Yellow staining of teeth also occur due to excessive use of tomato sauce and vinegar.
  • Red wine is another cause of yellow and unclean teeth. Reduce the consumption to remove the yellowish of teeth permanently.

Using home remedies and teeth whitening tips you can get white and sparkly teeth at home without doing too much hard work. More Beauty Tips Click Here


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